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The Truth about Jack and Rose

I believe that a large subsection of people might have wondered if there were an actual Jack and Ross, among the passengers who boarded in the RMS Titanic, back in 1912. James Cameron indeed did bring many life passengers of the tragedy-stricken ship, in his 1997 Epic ‘Titanic’. Some of them were Margaret Brown a.k.a.Continue reading “The Truth about Jack and Rose”

The Caravaggio of Comic Booklore

Alex Ross, the man who introduced the three-dimensional, lifelike art and illustration capturing essence of renaissance era, for comic book geeks. After his initial days scribbling portraits of super heroic characters on white papers, Alex Ross joined the American Academy of Arts, where he later laid the foundation stone of his career. Merging his initialContinue reading “The Caravaggio of Comic Booklore”

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